Why Us?

Why dorper sheep?

At Kibois Breeders we settled on dorper sheep as our preferred breed because of the following reasons:

1. Mutton production but with a lack of mutton taste.
2. Dorpers have a long breeding season
3. They mature early hence quick returns for the producers.
4. Dorpers are hardy sheep and adapt to any climatic condition.
5. The are very fertile and often produce twins.
6. They have good mothering abilities.
7. Dorper rams weigh upto 150KG with the ewes weighing 80Kgs at maturity.
8. They are non-selective grazers.
9. With the right feeding they gain weight very fast
10. They have a high market potential compared to other sheep breeds
11. They are very even tempered sheep. Easy to work with adapt well to people, characters and conditions.
12. They make a good breed for sheep beginners and advanced sheep farmers.

Why galla goats?

At Kibois Breeders we settled on Galla goats as our preferred breed because of the following reasons:
1. Has a long and tall body, acceptable for meat production.
2. Galla goat is suited for arid and semi-arid areas.
3. Good dual-purpose breed: both meat and milk producer.
4. The breed is a browser and is able to feed on different vegetation.
5. Galla buck weighs up to 70 kg with the doe achieving life weight of 55kg.
6. Very friendly breed, easy to handle.
7. Productive life of female goes up to 10years.
8. Can survive dry spell and quickly grow afterwards.
9. The breed tolerates gastrointestinal diseases and parasites and tolerates dry very well.
10. Compatible to cross breed with Anglo Nubian, Toggenburg, the Small East African goat and the Boer goat.
11. The breed is a good foundation for breeding with the Toggenburg.
12. Galla have a faster maturity, Female can be served at six months, while, the males start serving as early as five months, while awaiting maturation.
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